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Kevin - Karma and visual T+pos Albino, 2019 Male

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Karma is recessive trait and allelic with T+ and T-. Karma requires the combination of T- and T+ genes to manifest itself. All Karmas are at least Het T- and Het T+, but this boy is both Karma and visual T+positive. Unique project with lots of potential. He is eating frozen/thawed medium rats every 10 days and growing fast. He also is easy to handle and has great temperament.

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All our snakes are handled at least twice per week during cleaning, because we keep our collection very sanitary. They are used to be handled and, unless otherwise explicitly noted in the description, don’t show any sign of aggression.  

Please refer to our Blood Python feeding summary. All our animals eat frozen/thawed, and unless otherwise noted in the description, this particular snake is also eating frozen/thawed.