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Blood Python Hygiene

Having a good cleaning routine and keeping your cage simple will make your life easier and allow your Blood Python to thrive.

We use the F10SC (Super Concentrate) disinfectant every time we clean the tub. Here is our routine: 

  • Remove snake from the tub and put her in a separate container. 
  • Remove all paper substrate (with waste if present) and water bowl. 
  • Spray a solution of F10SC disinfectant throughout the tub, and wipe it with paper towels. Not not rinse. 
  • Replace the paper substrate with fresh clean ones. 
  • Clean the water bowl with a solution of F10SCXD (eXtra Detergent, contains disinfectant + detergent). Rinse. 
  • Put the bowl with fresh water back into tub. 

Sometimes adults are given a bath, or left in a container with 2-3″ of water for an hour. They love to soak. 

F10SC Disinfectant
F10SC Disinfectant

How to make F10 solutions

We buy 1L spray bottles on Amazon, fill it with water, and put the appropriate volume of F10 the type of cleaning product we need. 

Remember F10SC is just the disinfectant, there’s no need to rinse. F10SCXD is the disinfectant + detergent, make sure you rinse after use. You should use F10SCXD for water bowls and everything else you rinse as part of the cleaning routine.