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Blood Python Heating

Our Blood Pythons thrive in a constant room temperature of 80F throughout the entire year. The hot spot in our racks is set to 86F (thermostat had to be set to 88F to allow 86F at the back of the tub). 

You should buy a temperature gun on Amazon (less than $40). It allows you to easily monitor the temperature of anything (animal, cage, water, floor, ceiling). Just point at whatever you want to measure, press the trigger, and it will tell you the temperature. 

Temperature Gun (less than $25)
Temperature Gun (less than $25)

Blood Python heating summary

Products we recommend

Temperature gun

A temperature gun removes all the guesswork. Just point at what you want to measure, and press the trigger. 

Digital Thermometer + Hygrometer

This is both a thermometer and an hygrometer (measures humidity). It’s magnetic we stick it to the sides of our reptile racks. If you want to get precise measures inside a tub, just put one in there and leave it for a few minutes. 

Whole-room evaporative humidifier

This is the whole-room humidifier we use. It is important that you choose an evaporative humidifier with a filter, otherwise if your water is hard you will have white dust all over the place. We tried several humidifiers and this one is the best. 

Air circulator

Ventilation is very important to prevent respiratory infections and to maintain a stable temperature in your reptile room. Just put one of these in the floor and turn on at the lowest setting. It is silent and it moves a lot of air.